Frequently Asked Questions

Notopass is an App through which you can share premium accounts with your Friends or Family members without giving away your password. Also you can controll their access on shared account anytime. Invitee can access account on Notopass mobile App through a single click or on browser using Notopass plugin, they simply need to scan the QR. To know more click below.
how it works ?

It is at any time more secure and safer than sharing your password, as in case of password sharing you are giving full control over your account. The other person can pass your password to anyone else, which you cannot control. Also they can change the password if they want. But here they neither can see the password, hence not able to pass your account to anyone.

Your account is 100% secure, we only retrieve your session data after successful authorization, which is again encryted via advance encrytion method (AES-256). This means neither you username or password & raw session data leaves from your device anywhere.

You can share your account with anyone, the main focus of this app is to share with people to whom you want to give temporary access

After creating a group, you can generate an invite link, share the invite message with the person you want to add. The link is protected with password, only one person can join using a link. This link is valid for 24 hrs only.

They can access the shared account on Notopass app through "Mobile Play" feature inside group or they can also open shared account in browser through Notopass chrome plugin via QR scan from Notopass mobile App.

We have prohibited the use of one account on multiple device i.e same Notopass account cannot be run on multiple devices

No, we don't store or share your password.

No, since in order to change the password, they must know the current password, which they don't have access to.

All your friends will be logged out. You need to re-authorize the account from group settings page with new credentials.

Yes of course, We have also provided a chrome plugin. They just have to scan the QR in plugin through scan option available in group page of the mobile app

Go to group setting page, you will see the option to remove any user from the group.

As soon as you remove, they will get exited from the group and their key to decrypt the session data will be deleted.

Their access from mobile will be denied as soon as you remove them from group, but browser session is valid for 1 day which is not denied immediately. But again you have option to forcefully expire your session from Notopass mobile App.
Steps are

  • Click on play button inside the App.
  • Sign out of the account.
  • This will result in immediate expiration of current session for everyone. Now you will have to re-authorize the account for other members of the group.

    No, only creator of group can invite people.

    No, one invite link can be used only once, also it expires after 24hrs.

    You got it. This is a multipurpose app. You can personally use the QR scan feature to quick login into accounts on your browser, taking your pain and time to enter credentials every time you login

    Yes you can, we haven't put any limitation on number of groups (same or different), owners are fully responsible for creating and managing their groups.